Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Magic Housh!

My sister and nephew were in town this weekend and we had so much fun!  Saturday we relaxed in the morning and went to the third of the six 2-year-old birthdays from the 2008 pregnant crew.  They have a pool so we all got in and refreshed from the midwest heat, ate some pizza and cake and had a great time!  We stopped by my grandparent's house and visited with them before heading home and crashing...we were exhausted!  Sunday we headed to The Magic House (aka Magic Housh in BBZ language).  We went with G-ma and G-pa Z, my sister and nephew and N's sister and niece.

I guess this one needs some explanation.  BBZ was very excited about the slide, so he tried to go down head (or face) first and his legs went right up and over his head!  Like a backwards summersault!  I can't believe N was quick enough to catch it!

Row, Row, Row your boat...

Drawing with G-ma.

So serious when digging in the gravel.

A group effort!

Track-tor Mommy, Track-tor!!!

BBZ in the middle!  My nephew on the left and N's niece on the right.  They all had so much fun playing together!