Monday, August 30, 2010

A Haircut and a Shiner

Last Thursday I picked up BBZ from school and there was a pink slip in his notebook.  We frequently see these pink pieces of paper that the school uses to inform parents of incidents.  Many of the ones we receive are because BBZ bit someone.  One week when he was going through a biting spell, he had one or two every single day.  Yeah, that sucked.  The best though was when we got one that reported he bit someone then the next day there was one saying he was bit.  Talk about a natural consequence!

So anyway, the one last Thursday was because he and his little friend were playing outside and managed to bump heads pretty hard.  He got the back of her head right under his eye.  They said he cried for a little while but then was just fine with some TLC.  When N picked him up on Friday there was another pink slip.  This one was because he fell on the playgroud and hit his head in the exact same place, right under his eye.  So needless to say, over the weekend he developed a bit of a shiner.

After we left the festival yesterday we stopped at one of my very favorite Mexican restaurants near our old house.  While there we ran into a friend from LLL and her family.  She has a little boy just a few months older than BBZ.  Her little boy had a haircut since the last time I saw them and looked so cute!  I've been thinking about cutting BBZ's hair again and finally got the clippers out last night.

Here's a before...I distracted him with ice cream.

Maybe he gets his concentrating face from me...

Look at those mad hair-cuttin' skills!

He did surprisingly well!

If only I had real trimmers instead of beard trimmers!

So N thinks he has graduated from Mama Anna's Barber shop and should go to a real barber soon.  I think he's probably right.  My haircuts are good enough, but I'd love for him to have a real one.  I just like how long it is on top and I'm afraid someone will shave it all off.  He looks like such a little man.  Holy cow, I sure do love this little guy :)