Sunday, August 15, 2010

What did we do this weekend?

Is it Sunday night already?  Wow, where the heck did the weekend go?  N was out of town last week for a few days, which was his first trip away in a very long time.  Early last week I noticed that he was leaving on Wednesday evening and I had a big monthly training that I do scheduled for Thursday at work.  I didn't think much of it because while N has been in town for so long, BBZ has also gone a very long time without being sick.  Wednesday this hit me very hard and I had an intense need to get some back-up in place just in case the worse case scenario came true.  One woman at work had already been working with me to help out with the training, but she wasn't really interested in doing the presenting like I do and hoped to just do the behind the scenes planning for it.  I asked one other man who was also presenting to please be prepared to be my stand-in just in case BBZ ends up sick since I have zero babysitting options when N is out of town.  Then I stressed that there was no way that would happen because BBZ has been healthy for months and no one has that bad of timing and luck.

WellI guess you have probably guessed by now that BBZ did end up sick.  I brought him home on Wednesday and could tell how warm he was.  I took his temp and sure enough...101.5.  I called out to N to let him know and he couldn't believe it.  I gave BBZ some motrin and loaded him into the car to take N to the airport.  He was asleep by the time I got him home.  He put on his jam jams and went to bed early.  I checked in on him around 11pm before I went to bed and he was still warm, but sleeping well.  He slept all night and woke up aorund 6am.  I didn't take his temp right away because I could tell that he still had one.  I gave him some motrin and called everyone I needed to about the training and BBZ's illness.  By the time I took his temp it was 99.9.  We took it easy most of the day and I fielded (very welcomed) calls from the people conducting the training for me.  I felt like crap for having all of my responsibilities fall on co-workers like it did.  But that being said, the people who filled in for me did an amazing job!  The feedback was awesome and they had some amazing suggestions of how to improve some things.  I am so proud of them for stepping up!  BBZ woke up from his nap on Thursday and there was no fever.  It was some kind of 12-hour thing that reserved itself for the absolute worst timing ever.  Oh well, I know there is a reason for everything!

Friday was somewhat uneventful.  I worked and left early to pick BBZ up from an early release day.  We had some engaged friends in town for the Cubs/Cards series and N had a weekend planned for his bachelor party.  He is one of N's fraternity brothers, so all of the boys had big plans for a fun night of shenanigans.  His fiance is not from here, so some of us girls planned a little partying for her so she wouldn't get bored while the boys had their fun.  I set up an overnight slumber party for BBZ at N's parents house and took him there while the whole crew went to the game.  The plan was for me to meet the girls back at my house and head to the boat, which was the wish of the bachelorette.  What a surprise it was (although it really wasn't) when the bachelorette came back to my house alone.  That's right, the girls completely bailed on our little party and instead decided to stay with the boys.  How effing lame.  And pathetic, really.  That's all I am going to say about that.

While I was a little uneasy about BBZ spending the night away, it was completely worth it to hear N's mom talk about how much fun they had!  We spoke after he went to sleep and it sounded like they had an amazing time.  He slept well and ate well and tried to water the grass outside with ketchup, among other quirky things.  He has been very "mommy, mommy, mommy" lately, so a little independence couldn't hurt.  I was able to do a little shopping after I dropped him off and the woman at Kohl's who checked me out winked and told me she'd give me 30% off of my purchase!  I was kicking myself for spending a little too much as I walked to the counter, so that 30% made a huge difference!  What a kind woman she was too, just one of those nice people who can change the course of your day with their smile.  It was just what I needed at just the right time.  Again, there is a reason for everything!

So after some retail therapy, a great BBQ with friends, a wonderful night spent sitting around and gossiping with girls, and a lazy Sunday, the weekend is coming to an end.  Have a great week!