Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Planes, trains and automobiles

Within 1 week, our little traveler rode on a train, 4 planes and lots of automobiles! Our trip was an amazing success. We woke up early on Friday morning to catch an 8:40am flight to Minneapolis. BBZ did so great! It was right about his nap time, so he cried a little when he was tired but not quite ready to sleep and ended up passing out right as we were landing. He slept through the entire layover and woke just as we were getting to the gate, which was perfect for me to change his diaper and get us all fresh for the second flight. He was in the best mood since he just took a great nap, so everyone had lots of nice things to say about his behavior...and his cute self! Meme, Papa, my sister and my nephew CJ met us at the airport. It took me a while to get the car seat situated, but once I did, we headed to their house. I let them know that his new favorite things are balls, so they were prepared with lots of fun toys, including lots of fun balls for him to play with.
Do you think he will be a soccer player? N and I both played, so probably!
Here he is giving his cousin a nice and wet kiss and hug!
Playing the piano with Papa...he liked the black keys best. On our way to the Fargo Children's Museum. He is such a happy little boy!
I must admit that I didn't have very high expectations of this place. Not that Fargo doesn't have cool stuff, but coming from the big city, I didn't expect too much. It was really cool though! It was perfect for someone BBZ's age because everything was at his level so he could crawl around and play with everything! Here he is painting a beautiful painting for Meme and Papa's fridge.
There was a huge music room with every instrument you could imagine. I think N and I liked this room best.
I'm not really sure what's going on here...
This cow was pretty cool...
We took this one just for Grandpa Z! BBZ is a natural!
This room was designed for the really little kids and had lots and lots of balls to play with! His favorite game was knocking down all of the round blocks after daddy stacked them really high.
Making friends with the bees. There was a real bee hive in the building with a tube that led outside so the bees could come and go as they wanted.
He did a little grocery shopping...
And climbed to the top of this castle.
Ride em' cowboy!
He was a really big help with Papa's crossword puzzle.
And he found this toy in his room that was a gift from one of my parents very good friends to my sister when she was a baby. Notice the balls? He loved it!
We didn't take any photos during the first plane ride, I guess because we were all a little nervous about how it would go. It was a big success, so we took some on the way back.
Sporting his Bob Marley shirt
The new book Auntie Em got him kept him pretty occupied on the first flight home.
He was a little wiggle worm, but we survived.
We took turns passing him around. We had an extra seat in our row and that last leg which was very helpful! He did poop about 20 minuted before we landed and it started to leak out onto my pants. He sat on a burp cloth the rest of the way home and I changed him in the extra seat before we got off the plane. All things considered, it was a great trip! He's a great traveler!