Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mr. Redlegs sends the motherload!

Last week BBZ got a package in the mail. In it was an Honorary Contract with the Cincinnati Reds, an autographed photo of Mr. Redlegs, a stuffed Mr. Redleg's doll, 2 Mr. Redlegs stickers and the following letter... Dear BBZ, My name is Mr. Redlegs, and on July 11th of 2009, you and I came in contact at the St. Louis Children's Hospital. I was there for the All-Star game, representing the Cincinnati Reds. As a part of our duties in the host city, we visit the hospitals in the area that care for young people. On the 11th, I was at your hospital making my visit. Also in attendance for this was Slider from the Cleveland Indians, Ranger Captain from the Texas Rangers, and Screech from the Washington Nationals {as opposed to the Washington Natinals, ahem.} We were there also to dedicate a new portable game station for the hospital that had been donated by MLB, we then broke up and all went in different directions. The young lady that led me around took me to many different rooms to see many different children before I reached you and your family. It was obvious when I reached your bedside that something was up. I have done these many times and was able to recognize that right away. Your parents were very nice for not throwing me out by my laces especially with the concern that you could feel in the air and that showed on their faces. I exited and moved on down the hall. When I returned to the ballpark after the trip I got an email from your parents thanking me for my visit and apologizing for not being more receptive. That gave me a thrill and a chuckle because I usually do not get apologies.
The message was very nice and informed me of your condition and how it had improved, things were looking up. I felt a sort of closeness with you at that point and your family and wanted to send along a little something that would remind them of the love and concern there is for you and your mom and dad here in Cincinnati. Here's to a long, successful and happy future for you and your parents.
Yer Pal,
Mr. Redlegs
After receiving the letter, N and I thought it would be most appropriate to buy a fake scoundrel mustache from a nearby store that happened to have a sign out front that said "That's right, we sell mustaches" and try to get BBZ to pose with it to show his unwavering likeness of the Cincinnati Reds and Mr. Redlegs...
He didn't like the idea as much as we did...
N says we should use this one as his birthday picture and say he is unhappy about getting older...
I remember a big sign for Jagermeister in a bar where I went to college that had a picture of a guy with a mustache just like this one! He was making a very similar face too...remember that, A???
At least it ended with a half smile! We didn't get a great shot, but he was a trooper!