Thursday, August 20, 2009

BBZ's Vocabulary (in order of appearance)

Our little guy has been cooing and babbling for a while now, but it seems lately that he is really making the connection between sounds and stuff! Here are his current words and what we think he means...

"Da-da" = Daddy
"Buh-buh" = Bye bye (and now he waves too!)
"I tee tee" = Hi, Kitty kitty
"Ba-ba-ba" = His ukulele or his daddy's guitar
"Ma-ma" = Mama (the first time he said it was in the hospital the day before we brought him home after his surgery)
"Baw" = Ball (it is often many many bal, bal, bals while pointing at a ball)
"Bat" = Bath (when pointing at the bathtub or at our friend's pool)
"mo-mo" = More (I tried to teach him the sign for more, but he started saying the word before he learned the sign!)

I posted this mainly to remind myself of his little milestones. I can hardly believe it has been almost a year since he was born! Time goes by way too fast and I'm trying not to forget a thing!