Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's been a while, but here we go!
While N was out of town this week, I did NOT try everything imaginable to take a shower with a wide awake toddler. One of those things was NOT to try and get him to play with toys in his crib while I hurried the fastest shower known to man. He did NOT cry the absolute whole time. I did NOT go in to find that he had also wiggled his way out of his pants that were NOT too big over the disposable diaper that I put on him. He was definitely NOT wearing a disposable because of the habit he has gotten into of pooping in the morning. I did NOT think that using the disposable would allow me to throw away the poop rather than scrubbing it. I really love the environment and am certainly NOT that lazy.
That evening I did NOT buy convienient food (Chef Boyardee) for BBZ at Target because I knew I wouldn't have the time, or the patience to cook while N was out of town. He did NOT love it and eat more than he ever has at one sitting. I did NOT feel guilty about it. Nope not me. I also did NOT feel 10 times worse when I looked at the ingredients and saw......
I would never give my child something to eat without knowing what was in it first. I am waaaaay to good of a mom to do such a thing.
Ok, this is NOT really, really bad...the next day, after I tried a co-shower that really worked out well for us (insert sarcastic smerk here) I did NOT feed BBZ the rest of that HFCS infested Chef Boyardee. Nope, not me! That would be really lazy and irresponsible.
When N came home, I was NOT really looking forward to having his help with BBZ in the morning. I was NOT sure that he would wake up at 6am as he did the rest of the week. He most certainly did NOT sleep until 7am! I was NOT showered and dressed and ready to go before he even woke up for the day!
After our garage sale at the in-laws this weekend, we did not spend exactly $.04 more than we made eating dinner out. We are great savers and never let money burn holes in our pockets.
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