Friday, January 4, 2013

Some things LBZ is doing that I don't want to forget.

He nods to answer everything.  This has been an unbelievably great tool for communicating with him.  He doesn't have as many words as his brother had at this age, and it has proven to be more difficult for his daddy and I to figure out what he needs.  Until about a week ago, he would nod yes and be happy with whatever we asked him and handed to him.  He is more picky now and will nod yes, but yell at us when we had whatever it is to him.  I think we sort of distracted him before and now he is getting more honest with what he actually wants.

When it is time for bed or for nap, I will pick him up with his blanket in hand and ask if he is ready to go night-night.  He immediately looks around the room and starts waving goodbye to everyone.  It is the cutest thing!  The boy loves to go to sleep, but struggles staying asleep.  Besides a few random night recently, he has not slept all night in four months.  No, I'm not kidding.

He sings.  Not with words, but with sounds that are a perfect melody for either the name song we sing to him or the ABCs that we sing while reading a particular book to him.  He doesn't yet have the words, but he has the melody and the notes and it just melts my heart.

He also still rocks back and forth when I say it's time to leave the bathtub while he sings the bye-bye water song we sing each night.  He also loves to brush his teeth but doesn't understand why he can't use his brother's toothbrush as well as his.

Books, books and more books!  He loves for us to read to him.  He will have us read the same book over and over again.  He also loves balloons.  He loves for N to blow them up for him and let the air out or to tie the knot and play with it around the house.  I have a cute video of him chasing a balloon all around his room.

He also loves to stack blocks and stackable toys.  He makes huge towers!  Then he loves to knock them down :)  Here is a video of BBZ at the same age LBZ is now.  LBZ loves this toy, too.  I need to remember to get a video of him stacking it too!

He is getting to the point now where he wants to do or have anything that his brother is doing or has.  I can no longer say that he doesn't notice and get away with giving BBZ something, I have to have something for LBZ too.  In the morning, BBZ likes to have a snack in the car.  If I don't have one for Lu, we're all in trouble.

He is so incredibly happy in the morning!  I took this video one morning after listening to him talk and coo and make all kids of happy noises before I went in to get him.  He still doesn't really stand up and call for me.  He just sits and plays and talks in his crib for a while.  His teachers also say that he doesn't get off of his cot until they come over and get him after his nap.  Could that be a good sign for when he moves to a bed?  That would rock.

He is such a little guy.  He's very clearly in 12 month clothes, but all off BBZ's hand-me-downs for winter are 18 months.  He is gaining though.  And besides skipping dinner the last few nights, he eats like a horse!  I can no longer make a fourth helping and save it for my lunch the next day.  I am now making 4 full servings for all four of us.  Everyone is growing up so fast :(

It really doesn't make me sad though, I love watching both boys learn and grow and develop.  It just goes so fast, I'm afraid I won't remember these details!

It's already hard to remember BBZ at LBZ's age.  I can easily picture LBZ doing what BBZ does now, but the opposite is really hard.  They are both such amazing little people.