Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Z Boys' Lego Birthday Party!

I remember when I first found out LBZ's due date, I was happy that the boys might not be born in the same month.  I didn't want them to have to share a birthday party.

Fast forward to LBZ's 10-day-late birth, and there I was, with two boys who's birthdays were just 13 days apart...and in the same month.

I couldn't imagine letting LBZ's birthday go by without some kind of celebration, which is why we threw him a little party the day before his real birthday.  Then we had BBZ's real birthday celebration in Chicago, then came the next weekend, which was the party for our friends and my family (that couldn't be here for LBZ's real birthday).

The theme was an easy choice...Legos!  N said he wanted to do the Lego head cake, and I'll admit, I was scared about how it would turn out.  I told my mom I was nervous about it, so she brought everything we needed to make it.  It turned out so good!

All four of my big boy's birthday photos.

And my sweet littlest's too.

So I have to admit something.  I completely forgot to get LBZ something nice to wear for his birthday.  He wears all of BBZ's clothes, which are mostly pants and t-shirts.  The nicer polo style t-shirts have all been worn by BBZ at some photographer occasion, so I needed an idea stat.

I bought these iron-on ties from a baby website and almost forgot about them.  It was perfect to celebrate the little man's day.

Our friends and family are so generous.  Each person who came made the day a little better for my boys.

I love how much he loves Legos.  And I am quite pleased that I love them as well.  If I didn't, we might all be in trouble.

This toy is awesome.  I can program it to include LBZ's name in a song and the dog actually says hi to him using his real name!  LBZ loves music too, so it's perfect.

My sister with my bestest friend's baby girl.  My sister has a baby in her belly too.  We will find out in 8 days if that baby is a boy or a girl.  I can't wait!  And I think it's a girl :)

My big 4-year-old.

Hooray for birthday candles!

LBZ had a piece, too...with Grandpa Z's help.

The kids really seemed to have a good time.

He had this smile permanently attached to his face while his sweet uncle B pushed him all around our yard.

I have to admit, that photo above reminds me so much of this one...
...of BBZ on his first birthday.
It was such a wonderful party.  The boys were really worn out by the time it was over.  The only bad thing is that a few people were missing from their special day.  My parents came in town for the party and left around noon to pick up my grandmother, who lives in an independent living senior apartment.  She is still quite independent, but doesn't drive, and my aunt was sick, so they offered to pick her up and bring her to the party.
When they showed up to get her, she was hallucinating and couldn't get out of the chair or walk.  It was pretty scary.  They took her to the hospital and she ended up having a UTI.  It was along day for all of them, and they were all really disappointed that they missed the party.  We weer able to spend some time with them in the next couple of days, so that was really nice.
It really is amazing how things work out though.  My aunt is my grandmother's main support person since my mom lives out of town, and she was both sick herself and caring for her husband who had to have back surgery.  If my parents hadn't been in town, who knows what my grandmother would have done.  It really amazes me how things come together in this way.  Happily, my grandmother is recovering well.  She's not home yet, but hopefully she will be soon.
So thanks to everyone who came to the boys' party!  I now LOVE the idea of having a joined party each year for them.  It was fun to have everyone here celebrating both of my boys.  I probably won't have it at our house next year though...it's so much work!