Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Chicago Trip (for BBZ's Birthday)

On Friday 9/21, I took the day off to get ready to celebrate BBZ's 4th birthday.  As requested, we went to the donut shop for breakfast.  Not a bad way to start a birthday weekend!

The drive was pretty great.  Having my awesome new car certainly helped.  We ran into a little traffic when we got there, but nothing too bad.  It was pretty late when we got to the hotel, so despite the incredible excitement we all had for the events scheduled for Saturday morning, we all slept pretty well.  Both boys ended up in our bed, but in a king-sized bed it's not too bad!
Breakfast was first on our list as we waited for Lego land to open.  I love this one of BBZ and N.

I can't believe he is four.  He is growing up so fast.  I didn't get a birthday cake photo on his birthday, but whip cream from a pancake should do.

Lu had fun at breakfast, too.

Here it is...Legoland!!!

This place was amazing.  There were so many awesome displays of everything made out of Legos.  BBZ loved it, although we kept having to tell him that there is more fun stuff to see and do because he really just wanted to get to the store at the end to chose his birthday Lego.  Luckily, there really was enough to keep him occupied.

The place reminded me of Chuck e Cheese, but with Lego's.  I guess the Legolands in Florida and California have rides and are much larger, but this one was just right for our boys.  There was a small jungle gym the fit LBZ perfectly.

LBZ is very much into sorting.  He loves to take things in and out and move things from one space to another.  It is so much fun to watch his mind work and to see his little plans unfold.  He stayed in this spot moving Lego pieces from one shelf to another for a nice long while.

I love this photo for a few reasons, but mostly because BBZ is busted throwing a rubber Lego block really, really hard.

They had 2 really cute 12 minute long 3D videos for us to watch too.  They really know their audience because 12 minutes was just about how long BBZ could sit still.

LBZ didn't even make it through one movie.  He and I walked around so we could watch the second one.  He did dig the glasses though.

BBZ was so excited to pick out his Lego at Legoland.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for BBZ), they didn't have any of the ones that he really wanted.  N had found that there was a Lego store at a nearby mall, so we walked over to the mall to check it out.
The walls were filled with every Lego imaginable.  They even had the VW bus, which I have had my eye on for some time.  The $120 price tag will likely keep it out of my life for quite a while.
I love how BBZ has his hands in his pockets.  He did find the one he wanted in the rows and rows of Legos in this store.  He left a very happy little boy.

LBZ got some Duplo blocks, too!  We hung out at the hotel, did some swimming, and called it a night.

But not before we put together BBZ's birthday Lego!  He was super excited.

Sunday morning was BBZ's real birthday.  We checked out of the hotel and grabbed some breakfast.  A birthday donut, of course.  As a side note, he really does eat much healthier than this, typically.  Birthdays only come once each year, ya know?

After breakfast we headed to the Museum of Science and Technology.  This place was awesome.

I couldn't believe how brave Lu was standing over this balcony.  It is all glass and a huge drop, but he didn't seem to mind!  He just loved exploring all that was around the museum.  He loved to be carried to, as the above photos show, but this boy loves to get down and run!

There were things for kids of all ages to do.  LBZ found 2 of his favorite things in the kids area, water and balls.

I believe this might be my very favorite photo of the entire trip.  N told BBZ that he could move this ball with his mind, so that is exactly what he is trying to do.  Love him!

It was a wonderful and successful birthday weekend trip.  And he managed to get not one, but TWO birthday Legos out of us.  He sure has us wrapped around his adorable, loving, kind-hearted, four-year-old little finger :)