Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Brother Z is 4 Months Old!!

Dear Little Brother Z,

My, oh my, this time is flying by!  I cannot believe it is already 4 months since you were born.  It seems like you have always been with us!  Your sweet smile melts my heart :)

You and those fingers!  I love it.  I know I ay hate it one day, but for now, it allows you to sleep longer and better and looks so stinkin' sweet.

Again, all smiles!  You are still miraculously sleeping awesome, but every now and then you do wake up in the night and are so happy to see me!  You don't cry when you wake either.  You lay in your crib and coo and talk and suck those fingers until I come in and see you.  Then you charm me with those big blue eyes and smiles and you get me every time!

Your first Christmas was so much fun.  And I know from experience with your brother that they will only get better.

You absolutely love bath time!  We had to get you a different bathtub because the one your brother used sat you up too much.  You want to lay on your back, stretch your legs out and kick, kick, kick!  This is especially true when you are naked, so bath time is the perfect opportunity!

In fact, this was the first time I bathed you and your brother at the same time!  It probably wasn't the best idea for me to try this without your daddy around, because it was harder than I thought it would be!  You sure loved it, though.

You love your big brother so much!  You just light up when you see him.  He'll lean down and talk to you at your level and you just eat it all up.  You grab things with those cute chubby fingers and have just started to pat my face while you nurse.  I just love that :)

I took this picture one evening when I was making dinner.  You like to be near me in the evening, so I had you in the kitchen with me...

As soon as I took it, it reminded me of this one of BBZ.  BBZ is exactly the same age as you in this photo and wearing the same clothes!  I can't believe how alike you look in these!

You are a bit smaller than he was, though.  You weighed in at 13lbs, 9oz which is the 25th percentile.  Your doctor isn't worried though.  I can't help but worry that you're not getting enough breast milk, but you are healthy and happy and I'm sure you're developing just fine :)  You are also 25 inches long.

Oh sweet baby Lu, we are still having so much fun with you!  While I am happy that you started sleeping all night when you started daycare, I sure do miss those middle of the night times with you.  I've done this before though, so I know sleeping all night is not something that will last forever, so I guess I will enjoy it while it lasts.

I love you baby Lu and can't wait to see what is to come!