Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I've been up to.

I like really random posts because I can catch up on a lot and it doesn't have to flow. I'm a little desperate for time these days...let alone some Anna time.

I love my job. But. It's hard being back full-time. I'm not eating well and am drinking waaaay too much soda. I think having almost the whole house packed in boxes around me doesn't help, but I haven't even started the kitchen yet, so I can't really use that as an excuse. I really can't believe how much less time I have to do things now that I'm back full-time. I really didn't realize how much I loved that day off. Oh, well. It will feel all worth it when we are in our beautiful new home!  Plus I have a 4-day weekend next weekend so I will be back to my old schedule for a little while.  This was actually my first real 40 hour work week since going back full-time.  I guess that's why it feel so hard.

That actually does flow into my next update...we are moving one week from tomorrow! What a crazy ride this has been! My mama is coming in town this weekend and I can't wait to see her. She will have lots of fun keeping the little man busy while we are moving and unpacking stuff. She is great at home projects too, so it will be fantastic having her around to get things just right in the house before we move in. We have the final walk-through this Saturday and close on 6/23! That's in 6 days!!!!

N just cracks me up. He simultaneously can look at the computer, shake his thang to Usher on TV, and tell the woman on the phone from Charter that he is canceling our service because he is moving oversees to avoid talking about why he doesn't want to continue service. He's awesome. He also made me a fantastic mixed CD old school style. Remember when people used to give mixed tapes? He even included our wedding song...he's such a sweetie. Does anyone know why old blogs lose their formatting? That blog with our wedding song used to be spaced in paragraphs and now it's just one big one. Weird.

Twice today since I have been home I have read different blogs, opened the box to comment and got interrupted and had to close the box and forgo the comment. Maybe that's why I have lost a few followers this week. Good thing I don't care if strangers read my blog anymore. It was important to me for a minute to meet new people through blogging, but when I don't have much time for my real-life friends, it's hard to make time for the cyber ones. I do read all of my real life friends' blogs every time they post...even if I don’t get to comment.

BBZ has had a terrible diaper rash all week. It's red and broken and bleeding in a couple of places. He's surprisingly not complaining too much about it, which leads me to believe that it's heat rash. I let him run around a lot without a diaper on and yesterday he peed on the carpet in the guest room. I was right next to him so I grabbed him and said "Oh, you're going potty! Let's go sit on the toilet!" He immediately stopped peeing and sat on the toilet for me. He started whining a little and acted upset so I tried to reassure him that he was fine and it was ok and when you don't wear a diaper this is what you do...but he still wouldn't pee on the toilet. Oh, well. Baby steps.

My office mate has been on vacation all week so I have had the office to myself. Don't let me fool you though, I have missed her! I know you read my blog, so I hope you had an amazing trip and I can't wait to hear about it on Monday! And just to sit and chat with you...I've been lonesome :)

I'm taking BBZ to the dentist tomorrow to see what these black lines are on his teeth. From what people have told me and what I have read, the lines aren't anything to be concerned with and the dentist can polish them off and they may or may not come back. I just really, really hope it's not tooth decay. One thing I read actually said they are a sign of healthy teeth, but who knows where that information really cam from (it was on an online group thread. I guess we will see tomorrow. Luckily it is his initial visit and it's only $1!

One more update...I wanted to post a Waaay Back When-sday about my very first music festival, which was Bonnaroo in 2001, but all of my photo albums are packed and that was way before my digital photo days.  The festival was this past weekend and we were able to watch it online through our computer.  That may be my first post once we get things unpacked.

Have a great week and weekend everyone!