Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

What an amazing 3-day weekend we had!  We spent the weekend at our friend's parent's farm, a place we have been to many, many times over the last few years.  We always have an amazig time and now that the kids are getting bigger, the fun just keeps on getting better!  We took lots of pictures, but not enough if you ask me.  But who has time for pictures when you are swimming and fishing and chasing big blow-up donut toys around???  Of course I had time for a few...
The crew, with a few more mini members than years past.

He had to bring his train.

BBZ did not want to ride in the grocery cart for N when they went to the store on Friday, so N bribed him with these abnormally large (as my cousin called them) marshmallows.

There was a tractor!!!
BBZ and his friend, A played in this blow-up donut all weekend!  BBZ sees pictures now and yells "mine, mine!" at the computer!

I love this one.

N and the newest baby girl in our group.  Yes I am well aware of how wonderful N looks with a baby girl in his arms!

We did some lake swimmin'

And some cookie eatin'

BBZ and N also lived in this Gator!  I seriously think BBZ needs one of these...maybe next year though since he still needs someone else to drive him around.

All the kids by the fire, minus the newest baby girl...and Paige, where is Paige?

This is my very favorite one.  Me and my little boy...and a sippy cup.

What an amazing weekend it was.  BBZ did pretty well, but the first night sleeping was rough.  I couldn't sleep at all and poor N ended up sleeping part of the night in the car.  He also would not take a nap in the tent on Sunday, but it was so hot in there I couldn't blame him.  I finally got him to sleep in the pack and play in the house and he slept for 3 1/2 hours!  That is an all-time record for him.  Monday we packed up just in time to beat the rain.  There is nothing worse than having to air out a wet tent after camping.  We have some friends through BBZ's school that we plan to camp with next weekend.  It should be another adventure!  I hope everyone else has a great 3-day weekend!