Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I have not intentionally ignored my blog.

I have, in fact, been extremely busy.  Here's the short of it:

BBZ's aunt and uncle (N's sister and BIL) had a tree dedicated to him at a local park.  We spent last Sunday eating lunch under the tree and playing in the nearby playground.  I gazed at my little boy and his beautiful tree and day-dreamed about taking a piture next to it each year and him proposing to the love of his life under this tree one day.  Yeah, I'm a mushy one.

My little tree hugger.

Man do I love his smile.

The gift-givers.

Our new neighbors are having a summer block party in honor of the sellers leaving and us joining the neighborhood!  People really do stuff like this?  Is this what happens in a real neighborhood?  Who knew?  Hello suburbia, we are the Z's, nice to meet you.

I bought a super cute and colorful dress to wear to a conference that I presented at this past Monday.  It's not like anything else in my wardrobe and I completely felt like someone on the What Not To Wear show...after the makeover, of course.  I had a great time at the conference and learned a few new things about counseling, which fall right in line with the beginning of my work toward my LPC that started last week.  I swear, things just have a perfect way of falling into place at just the right time.

What else...

BBZ slept in the other morning and while I was waiting downstairs for him to wake up I heard him on the monitor say, "Mama, wheareyou?", which is just about the cutest thing I have ever heard.  He usually stands up and cries for me to come get him, but him asking where I was like that just cracks me up!

My sister and nephew are planning a trip to visit in August!  We will be in our new house by then and I'm so happy to have a house that can accomodate guests!

Another morning N and I were laying in bed not quite ready to get up when we hear him start to say sentence after sentence over and over again.  "Choo choo brush, downstairs, ma-mai, daia (delilah) outside, choo choo brush!"  We both cracked up listening to him.  And to explain, I just bought him toothpaste with Thomas the Train on it and he calls brushing his teeth "choo choo brush".  So freakin' cute.

Twice this week I wished I had stopped nursing BBZ a long time ago.  It was short lived, but it happened.  Once whenI tried for almost an hour to get him to sleep unsuccessfully and last night when I noticed some dark lines on his front bottom teeth which I am afraid is tooth decay.  I plan to take him to a dentist but also plan to wash his mouth as much as possible after he falls asleep and start using some flouride toothpaste.  I know nursing can cause this, but I am just not ready to stop nursing him at bedtime.  Go ahead and judge, I don't mind.
My mom and dad are on vacation and just found out that a very good friend and co-worker of my dad died unexpectedly.  The are heading home to be with friends and her family.  She was only 67.  It scares me to think that death will come one day to my parents.  I talk a big talk about life and death and how it all makes the world go around and it's natural and a part of life and nature and blah blah blah, but the thought of losing my parents breaks my heart.  The thought that it is inevitable is even worse.  Love you mom and dad.

That is actually all my news, but I don't want to end on a somber note.  So here is a picture of BBZ tonight while I was putting the car seat back into N's do I love him.