Friday, September 11, 2009

More 1st Birthday Pictures!

The rain put us off, but not for long! We all walked to a place nearby our houses and took more pictures. Click here to see the second sneek preview! I love the one with my 2 boys...they are so cute! A lot has happened during this short week. My very best friend, Laura, had her baby! And it was on 9/9/09! How cool is that? As you all know, I have a baby, but I didn't know until that day what it is like for my best friend to have a baby! I am so happy for her. It has brought back so many wonderful memories from when I first had BBZ. I visited them in the hospital just 2 hours after she was born. I know Laura was feeling all kinds of different emotions, but she absolutely melted when she held and nursed that baby girl. I am so happy for them! Check out the pics! I hope to blog more later this weekend...


  1. Those photos are amazing!!!! You guys are all so photogenic. And how fun is that fence?

  2. Those pictures are so freaking good!