Sunday, September 20, 2009

BBZ and the birthday cake!

The woman who did our wedding cake is a friend of N's mom. She was kind enough to make BBZ's birthday cake! She made a full sheet cake for the party and a small soccer ball cake for BBZ to tear into. It didn't go exactly as planned. I showed him the cake and he seemed very excited about it! He said "bawl, bawl, bawl" and pointed and reached out for it... Then he touched it. And it wasn't quite what he expected. Then he tasted it, and was not pleased... At all. He did end up with cake all over his face, but it was from him rubbing his eyes in exhaustion rather than from eating yummy cake. I guess that's what happens when a baby who never eats sweets is expected to eat sweets. I imagine it was just a little too much sugar. The woman who made the sheetcake managed to include every ball imaginable and a ukulele! How perfect! I planned to put a photo here, but it has his name on it and I can't figure out how to black it out. He was so excited about the balls on that cake that he reached out and grabbed them! This time he didn't eat the icing... He put it right in grandpa Z's mouth! He was so done by the end of the day. He took a nice bath, but squeezed in lots of trips around the house in his new, fancy train toy from the Z's. What a great birthday party! The real day is Wednesday and we get to spend all day together! The celebrating has begun!