Friday, January 30, 2009

Daycare drama continues

So let me say first that I am not going to complain about BBZ's current daycare. They are absolutely fantastic and I couldn't be more happy. What I am going to complain about is the daycare center that BBZ almost went to. I am counting every lucky star around that he did not end up there. Let me back up a little. N and I signed up for U City Child Center in February of 2008, when I was 2 months pregnant. We knew the waiting list was long and we wanted to get him in really badly. So in July I called and the woman at UCCC suggested I get a back-up plan because things didn't look good for him to have a spot in January. So I found Developmental Child Center in Dogtown. This place was extremely expensive and from what I could tell very nice. I toured and signed BBZ up and was honest from the very beginning that this was my back-up plan. UCCC is down the block and diverse in race and economics, and DCC is private, so only families who could afford the outrageous tuition could send their kids there. So they were always extremely friendly and let us know that they would hold the spot for BBZ. So in October I called and asked when they needed the 2 week deposit we had to put down to hold his spot. I again was very honest and said while I wanted to do right by them, I didn't want to pay the 2 week deposit before I absolutely had to in case the opening came at UCCC. The woman was again very nice and said all they need is 30 days. So on December 4th, I brought BBZ with me to pay the money. I walked in and the usual friendly woman said in an unfriendly way that the director wanted to talk to me. The director came out and said she wanted us to give them a 14 month commitment. What??? She said that it wasn't fair that I would take a spot and only stay a short time when there are families who would be willing to stay 4+ years. I am so taken back by this that I don't know what to do. I asked if not giving the commitment loses BBZ his spot and she said no because legally she cannot ask me for the commitment. So I reluctantly pay the money, she gives me a packet of papers and sends us on our way. I didn't get to see the room again or meet the teachers or anything. They just took the money and expected me to show up on January 5th. So, N and I talk over the weekend and decide that we don't want him to go there. I feel uneasy about the place and decide she is right, we don't want to get in the way of another family who wants to go. We will take our chances with UCCC (which we know worked out great). I called her back on December 8th and told her this and asked for our money back. Keep in mind it has only been 2 working days. She said payroll went out on Friday and she cannot give me the money now, but she will refund it. She asked me to give her a few weeks and call her back. I called back on January 5th and she said the same thing. I actually expected her to say she would not pay us back, but again she said to give her a few weeks and call back. So I called again today and got the same response. I told her this could go on forever! She either has the money or doesn't. She said she is paying us back out of the kindness of her heart because they do not usually refund the deposit. I stated that we decided not to send BBZ there because of their insistence (however illegal) of us to make a commitment. She asked again for me to keep calling to remind her. N says I should call her every day...just to annoy them. I'm not sure what to do. We're talking about $740! That's a lot of money! I'm thinking of writing a letter if for no other reason than to put what is going on in writing. I might even ask that she give us the next deposit that is given to them since our money didn't lose anything for them. I don't know. Thank God BBZ didn't end up there. All along I thought this was such a great place, could you imagine having to work with them as your child's care provider? How frustrating that would be. It makes me love UCCC even more each day...


  1. I'm with N. Call and bug the crap out of her. That is so not right on so many levels. Her karma isn't looking good....

  2. Yep - call daily to "remind" her (those were her words, right?)
    Go for it, sis!

  3. Shame on them . . . a note to the Better Business Bureau likely won't hurt either . . .


  4. For $740 I would be up there everyday about pick up time and make sure all the other parents know what they did to you WHILE you ask for your money back.