Thursday, November 22, 2012

What Are You Thank You for?

11/1 Widespread Panic.  It it weren't for this band, I wouldn't have met my friends.  I wouldn't have met my husband.  They are more than music, they are a community.  They bring out something in me that is hard to explain, but when we are all together listening to each note that each of us can anticipate, it takes my breath away.

11/2 Weekend activities as a family.

(Magic House)

11/3 Tiny little eyelashes that seem to go on for miles.

11/4 N's family.  We attend a craft fair every year together and I really look forward to it.  Having his family close by is the next best thing to having my family here.  I'm so glad we get to spend time together.

11/5 My job.  That I have one and that I like it.

11/6 My right to vote.  I will never take that right for granted.

11/7 That the election is over.  And that we live in a country where people on social media are allowed to voice their opinions.  Some people are not afforded such a right.  Never the less, I am glad I no longer have to read such strong (and sometimes very hateful) comments.

11/8 Ninjas.  In the bathtub :)

11/9 Story time each and every single night.

11/10 My tenacity and positivity that was passed down to me by both of my parents.  Both characteristics help me be the person I want to be both in my family and in my work life.

11/11 My parents, who gave me a strong and solid foundation that I now take lessens from as I try to create a similar foundation for my boys.

11/12 My girlfriends and the way we are always there to support and encourage each other.

11/13 Pants that are getting too short. A constant reminder that we are all growing and changing and we need to slow down and appreciate every little moment.

11/14 Wine.  Especially at the end of a crazy day.

11/15 That an interesting man got into our car 10 years ago tonight.  I don't know where my life would be without him.  Oh, how I love him so.

11/16 My new niece who will join our family in March.  Seeing my sister happy makes my heart smile.  I'm glad she found a good man to share her life with.

11/17 My new car that is perfect for a road trip.

11/18  Two Three awesome little travelers.

11/19 Quality time with my mom and dad.

11/20 A little retail therapy.

11/21 Paid vacation time.

11/22 A snowy day.  Turkey.  Family.  BBZ saying "I'm thank you for mommy, daddy, family, my blankie and my diney".  A sleepy baby.  A happy 4-year-old boy.  Chilly noses.  A good dog.  Beer.  Leftovers.  In-Laws we will see tomorrow.  Online shopping.  Nosey kisses.  Snuggles.  Rough housing.  Sweet boys loving all over me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And as BBZ would say, "what are you thank you for?"