Friday, November 2, 2012

Maybe I am doing something right.

I made some changes around here.  It was time to change the look of the blog a bit and I think I found a template that matches this little 'ol place of mine.  I like it here :)

Today when I dropped of BBZ at school, his teacher told me a story.

She said that yesterday at lunch, BBZ was talking to his friends about genes.  He said genes are what make us who we are and we all have different ones, which is why some of us look different.  And how fun it is that no one looks the same.

He went on to say that his friend, who happened to be black, has brown skin because of the genes she got from her parents.

He then looked at a friend of his who is white and said that his skin is peach because of his genes.

Then the whole table cracked up because they thought BBZ called him a peach!

Can I just say how unbelievably happy I am that he hears and listens to what I say?  This lesson, about people and differences and skin color is just beautiful to me.  And the fact that he has the words to use, and the comfortableness to talk about these things that so many people are uncomfortable with make smy heart smile.

It reminds me of when we were at his chiropractor appointment recently.

He noticed a plastic magazine rack on the wall and was fiddling with it.  You could lift the magazines from the top but could also pull them out from the bottom if you needed to.

He notices this and says to me that the reason it is set up that way is so that people who use wheelchairs (he even used person first language!!) can reach them easier.

My sweet boy already knows about accessibility.  Be still my Rehabilitation Counseling heart.

One of my hopes as a mom is that I can raise strong men who are kind and understanding of people and of the world we live in.

I may yell at times.  I might make some pretty big mistakes as a mama, but in moments like these I feel like I just might just be doing something right :)