Monday, July 30, 2012

Things boy moms say.

A while back, my friend, Gina, wrote this post about being a boy mom.  I noticed recently that some absolutely ridiculous things often come out of my mouth on any given day.  I am sure moms of girls say some of these things too, but most of them sure seem boyish to me.  MckMama also has this idea called out of the mouths of moms that she posts about sometimes, which also sounds a bit like what I'm writing.

Below are some of my favorites that have come out of my own mouth recently...

Please do not ninja kick the refrigerator.

We do not eat candy dinosaurs for breakfast.

Yes you must wash your hands. Even if you only peed.

The walls are not for climbing. Yes, even if you're spiderman.

One day your brother will be big. And he will remember all of this.

Ok, I'm Marvel Girl. What's my super power?

Yes, even ninjas have to take baths. Yes, even though you went swimming today.

Yes, I do think old school Voltron is cooler than the new school Voltron.

Please put your penis back into your pants. Yes I know it's just a penis but not everyone wants to see it. Thank you.

No, there's not another baby in mommy's tummy. (grrr)

Oh yes, that is by far the coolest Lego headquarters I have ever seen.

If you don't decide to listen, I'm going to start taking Legos away

If you think you need to poop you need to do it now while we are in the bathroom.  Because we are here already.  Because it's easy to pee on the side of the road and much harder to poop.  Because you can't stand up and poop.  Because you just can't.  Trust me, ok?

Oh my gosh, I just saved your life. Please don't climb up there again.

Because we're not allowed in there without our shirt and our shoes.

Because he hasn't learned how to share yet, we have to teach him.

That's awesome that your poop looked like a long snake.  Thanks so much for telling me.  During dinner.

No son, toots never stop being funny.

Because I'm your mommy and it's my job to keep you safe.

I love you so much, little man.

Just in case you wondered how loud one house can be on a Monday evening, the below video will illustrate it.  I know, for an absolute fact, that when these boys are grown and move away from us, the silence will leave a bit of our hearts empty for this noise.  Unless we are in tour with the newest jam band that is.

Is it too early to dream about retirement?