Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little Brother Z is 10 Months Old!

Dear LBZ,

Today, my littlest boy, you are 10 months old!  The time is just flying by.  We will soon have your first birthday, then you'll be 18 months old, then before we know it you will no longer be the baby we still see.  You will grow and change and walk and talk and become a little boy...just like your brother.

It is inevitable, my sweet baby Lu, but it is also so fun to watch!  You are growing and changing everyday.  I read your 9-month update and realized how much your personality changed.  It's now very clear to me why.  You were so sick, and we didn't yet know.

Being in the hospital with you was so scary.  It reminded me so much of your brother's hospitalization on the same floor at the same hospital almost exactly 3 years earlier.

This smiling face should have told me that you were going to be just fine.

This was probably the worst of it all.  You hated this IV.  It was probably better to be in your foot than in your hand, but as you gained your strength back you so wanted to stand and explore, but this would not let you.  You were so frustrated!  And quite pleased when it was finally time to take it out.

This sure doesn't look like a sick little boy!  You were already on the mend and ready to eat!  You are eating so much food.  I can really hardly believe the amount of solid food you eat.  There is nothing you won't try.  I was circling food on the school menu that you can have, and now I'm simply crossing out what you cannot have (which is really just oranges and cookies).

See how happy you were to have that IV out?  This was just a short time before we left the hospital.

Your brother has been picking on you, and you are quickly learning how to get him back.  You sometimes pull his hair and often yell really loudly when he takes your toys.  When I take your bath toys away when it is time to get out of the tub you get SO MAD!  I hate to make you so mad, but it's also fun to see you show so much personality and begin to show us your preferences.

Food, food and food!  You put on 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks after you healed from the salmonella poisoning.  You bounced back with a huge appetite and haven't let up yet!

You weren't sure about this car cart at the grocery store, but it didn't take long for you to decide that you liked it.  Having BBZ hanging all over you probably didn't help :)

And, of course, the obligatory spaghetti picture.  I made my dad's spaghetti sauce recipe for a friend's birthday dinner, and it definitely got your stamp of approval.  I just cannot believe how much you eat!  You still nurse just as much too.  I wonder if you'll actually break the 20 pound mark at your 1-year appointment!  We shall see...

You still say the same words...mama, dada, ball, bye and more.  You love to wave, to clap, to bang toys together and to dance!  You wiggle your body to the rhythm and it's so fun to watch.  You also pull up on everything and walk along any surface you can while holding on.  You fall a lot and have the bruises to prove it!  You also managed to pull a wine bottle off of your daddy's wine rack that landed right on your foot.  I knew that was going to happen :)

You wake at least 2 times each night, which has your mam exhausted.  I just feel luck that it isn't at the exact same time as the 2 times your brother wakes up every night.  Sleep is not an awesome subject at our house, but we manage.  Yawn.

Each day is an adventure.  Each day I learn something new about you and about who you are becoming.  Each day, I love you even more.