Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's 2:09am

Be warned. I'm going to talk a lot about puke.

Let's see how long it takes me to type this post on my iPhone.

BBZ and N have been simultaneously puking since about 11pm. When BBZ has puked in the past, he does so at night, in his bed, and all over himself. The only part I hear is his crying afterwards. This time was no different.

I've stayed in his room after the first instance before, and didn't sleep a wink. I even get sympathy sick thinking of him puking. So since the last puke was a one-timer, I thought I'd go back to my bed this time. I heard him crying shortly after and ran into his room. "not again!" he shouted. He had puled all over himself, his pillow, and his bed. Again.

So I stripped him and his bed for a second time and even gave him a bath this time. N woke up too and helped clear some sheets. BBZ fell back to sleep on a bed covered in towels where he is now. I decided to stay with him with a bowl in hand to catch any more of this and save another bed change.

I heard N stirring after BBZ's second bout and checked on him. Sure enough, he caught this too. He was ok so I returned to BBZ's room. I'm staying distracted by my phone so I both stay awake and avoid making myself sympathy sick. I really do feel nauseous anytime he's sick like this.

He starts to stir and I know it's coming. I get the bowl under his mouth just in time! Success!! He didn't even have to get out of bed.

This last time very little came up, so I think he's about done. N was up at the same time as BBZ each time since the first, so I have two sickies on my hands. LBZ had some tummy trouble yesterday, so he may have started this, so hopefully that means he doesn't have this coming to him. As for me? All I can do is pray that this misses me all together.

Please, oh please, oh please.

2:25am. Not too bad!