Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little Brother Z is 3 Months Old!!!

Dear Little Brother Z,

Today (ok, in reality 4 days ago because I have been too busy snugging you when I am off work to blog about your 3-month milestone) you are 3 months old!

You simply light up our lives, sweet baby Lu.  You and those precious blue eyes wake me each morning with a huge smile and some belly laughs, that are incredibly contagious.

The beginning of this month marked my return to work and the end of our maternity leave.  While I knew you would be fine at home with my mom, my heart ached at having to be away from you all day.

You, my sweet and fiercely independent little boy, do wonderfully, as I expected.  You took to the bottle quite well and spoiled you grandma with all of those sweet smiles reserved mostly for me during our 10 weeks of time together.

You are amazingly strong for your 3 months.  You hold your head up high and can even perch on my hip for a short time.  You love tummy time and scoot your little knees back and forth as though you will crawl away!  As fast as time is going, you will certainly be crawling all over our home before we know it :)

Those free hugs you speak of??  I can't get enough of them.  Especially now that they are limited to mornings, evenings, overnights and Fridays since I'm back at work.

You gave me quite a scare this month with a terrible allergic reaction to something, we're not sure what.  It was my first full day back to work and when I got home around 5pm, you have small pimples on your face.  By the next morning those pimples looked like this...

All over your legs too!  I narrowed it down to either the S*hlafly unfiltered wheat beer I drank or your exposure to some non-free and clear detergent.  It only lasted a few days and was controlled with Benadryl, but it sure gave ma scare!  I'm still a little worried that you might be allergic to something I'm eating, but this hasn't happened since!  Thank goodness.

You often make me think you are so super close to rolling over, but then you just sort of teeter on your side for a while.  I even have a long video of you scooting to the side and I was just sure you were going to go all the way!  But not yet!

The big story of this month, my sweet boy, is sleep.  Wonderful, glorious, uninterrupted sleep.  You have found your fingers and also the ability to self-sooth.  I love holding you and rocking or nursing you to sleep, but you apparently love to put those left-hand fingers in your mouth, cover your eyes with your right hand and drift on off to matter where you are laying.  This has also helped you sleep as much as 6-7 hour stretches. (And even 10-11 hours since you started school on 12/12 after your 3-month birthday).

I may regret later that you love those fingers, but for now I am enjoying the soothing feeling it gives you!

You are such a sweet and laid-back baby boy.  You smile all of the time, you sweep everyone off of their feet with your big and beautiful blue eyes (just like your daddy), and your new teachers have all mentioned how they hope to have a baby with your sweet demeanor one day.

I love you so much, my sweet baby Lu.