Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Baby Boy Z,

Two years ago today, you were born into this world and into my arms.  Never did I imagine how much love I could have in my heart for you.  The first year of your life is a blur that I didn't think could go any faster, but now two of your years have passed, and I can hardly believe it.

I know it's obvious that I love you, I am your mama and that kind of goes without saying.  But what is interesting is how much I really like you!  You are so much fun to be around!  You love to snuggle on the couch with me, you tell me you love me all the time and do sweet things like kiss my arms and hold my hand.  You can show all of this love and affection and then go play in the mud or wrestle with your daddy and be all boy.  Your gentle heart shines through when one of your friends is hurting and you love on your puppy all the time...even though she bit you this weekend.

You have always been confident and secure, so your recent separation anxiety that you show when I drop you off at your new school is frightening.  I know you are fine when I leave, but to hear you cry and to be unable to console you is terrifying to me.  My wish is that I would never have to be away from you.  That you and your daddy and me could be on vacation all the time doing nothing but celebrating life and our little family.  Your daddy and I work hard so we can have those wonderful times together, even if they are just the weekends and occasional vacations.

You are obsessed with juice boxes!  I try to get you to drink juice in a cup but you insist.  Pretty soon we will run out of those juice boxes and you will have no choice!  You still eat most of your vegetables, but your favorite are edemame, sugar snap peas and corn.  When asked what you will eat for dinner the answer is ALWAYS ketchup and fries, which you really only have on occasion.  You love watermelon (like your mama), chicken, yogurt, apples, oranges and bunny crackers.  You can count to 13 and know every one of your colors.  Even aange, which makes me and my friend Cass giggle.  You are amazing at completing puzzles and can match shapes without pictures.  You know all of your animals and what sounds they make.  Your favorite shows are Wonder Pets, Curious George and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I don't think you realize that shows are only on at certain times since we are spoiled with the DVR that records all of your favorite shows!  You still hate to have your diaper changed, love taking a bath (once you're in there) and would do anything to play outside for the rest of your life.  You love anything creepy and crawly and play for hours in the mud looking for "babies" aka worms.  Your favorite inside toys are choo-choo trains and sticker books followed closely by dinosaurs that you have a very interesting name for (that sounds something like "dina-tonka").

One thing I love most about you is your love of music.  You love to sing and we love to hear your sweet voice make it's way around the words.  Here is a sample.

Every single day I enjoy being your mama, even on the hard ones.  You bring a light into my life that will never burn out.  My dream for you is that you will find your way in this world and have fun doing it.  That you will not feel compressed by the rules you will continue to learn and will reach as high as you can to be the person you are meant to be.  I love you to the moon and back.