Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Top 5 Things a LIttle Boy Loves about His New House in the Woods

Number 5
Filling all of the bird feeders with bird seed and watch them all afternoon while cardinals eat and squirrels try to reach it.

Number 4
Having Da-da bring home a turtle he found on the road to play with!

And trying to kiss it.

Number 3
Buying a cherry popsicle from the Ice Cream man for the very first time.

And eating it on the back porch with Da-da.

Number 2
Buying fishies at the pet store for the pond in the back yard, and learn to not throw rocks at them.

And the Number 1 thing that a little boy loves about his new house in the woods?

Exploring the big 'ol back yard with his Mama!

Ok, maybe that last one was actually MY Number 1 thing that I love about my new house in the woods, but whatever :)