Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Brother Z is 11 Months Old!

Yesterday, my sweet littlest boy, you turned 11 months old.  We are still in the midst of your nursing strike, but I am going to try and highlight all of the many wonderful things that are happening with you, even though I am so distracted by this challenging times that we are finding ourselves in.

You spent this month making up for being sick in June!  I cannot believe how much food you eat.  I typically make the same size plate for you as I do for your brother.

You still love bath time and adore the water!  You've started to stick your face in the water and try to eat it.  I was nervous at first, but you got some water in your nose just once and have done fine since.  You understand just about every word we say, so when you hear me say "bath" you get so excited!

We went to an exhibit about fire at the History Museum and you loved this fake fire set-up.  See your marshmallow to toast?


We also went to the Botanical Garden to see the Chinese Lantern Festival.  The place was magical!

I also bought myself a new stroller.  Now I can actually take you and your brother on a walk together.  You're not as excited as I am about you having the back seat, but you manage.

You're pulling up and moving all over our home.  You will be toddling around before we know it.

This walking toy is your absolute favorite.  You have figured out how to move it around barriers in the home and will occasionally call us to help, but not often.  If you see this toy you crawl to it so fast!  It's so fun watching you push it around and imagine you walking very, very soon.

Oh, how I love this photo.  I took it just 3 days before you started your nursing strike.  You rarely held your blanket like this unless you were nursing, so looking at it now gives me lots of wonderful thoughts of me holding you in my arms.  This is a photo that I will forever look back to with such happiness.  I love the way you hold your blanket to your lip or cheek and gently rub it in comfort.  I love that I was able to capture that.

You continue to grow into exactly who you are meant to be.  You are stubborn as can be, which explains the strike in some ways.  You have some new words including: buh-duh (brother), which you yell like crazy when BBZ runs away from you.  Bottle, bath and ball all sound similar, but I can tell what you are saying.  You also have a great word for Delilah, but I don't know how to repeat it.  You wave and say "bu-bu", and also wave hello.  You still suck those fingers all the time, which is still cute but I must admit, I'm wondering how long that will last.

You are growing up right before our eyes, and I cannot believe that we will be celebrating your 1st birthday in less than a month.  You light up our lives, sweet baby Lu, and I cannot wait to see what your future brings.