Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anrazel - Baby bathtime problem solver

So I was planning on posting a blog or a bulletin or something to get the advice from my mommy friends on how to make BBZ's bathtime experience a happy one. But I am happy to report that I think I have solved the problem! His first bath was pretty bad, but I expected it to be. He cried almost the whole time and I nervously tried to finish as fast as I possibly could to get it over with. I really hoped that he would begin to enjoy bathtime, but his last one 2 nights ago was by far the worst yet. After his first bath I made some changes. I moved his bathtime to the sink in the kitchen so I could have better control over his slippery little body, I kept a large dry washcloth nearby to cover him up as I lifted him from the sink to the towel, I hold his neck the entire time so he doesn't feel like he is going to fall, and still his screaming continued. This is a special scream too, that he reserves just for this apparently traumatic experience. So Saturday night N was at a work thing and I decided to try another bath. I talked sweetly to him the whole time, babbling about how much fun bathing is, and he surprisingly didn't cry at all...until I took him out. And he cried real tears and screamed in ways I didn't know he could. I frantically tried to get lotion on him and get him dressed as fast as I could and swept him over to the couch and nursed him to help comfort him. It was then that I noticed how cold his hands were, and I thought, that's it! He's freezing! It isn't the bath he hates, it's afterwards when he gets so cold. I was already covering him with a cloth and putting him immediately into a towel, but the time it took for me to do the lotion and get his PJs on was just too long. So I came up with a plan. We have a small space heater upstairs, so I brought it downstairs and made a little pallat on the floor with a super soft blanket, his PJs, and turned on the space heater before he got in the tub so it would be nice and warm when we were done. And it worked! He cried for about 4 seconds when I carried him from the kitchen into the dining room in his towel, but as soon as we hit that warm little pallat he was in heaven. It seemed hot to me, but he sure loved it! One of the very best things about mommyhood is learning what BBZ likes. I think of these times as challlenges, and try to use my creativity to find out what willl work best for him. Now I just hope it works next time too!